My name is Alan Manson and I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ. About 30 years ago, I experienced a life-changing event that set me on the path of discovering Jesus Christ in more practical ways.  My walk with Jesus since then has helped me realize there are conditions related to Salvation that many Christians are not aware of.

Alan Manson

Therefore, I hope that my testimony helps other Christians appreciate some of the hardships I have experienced in life and the blessings that flowed from them. 

My search for ‘God’

I was very happily married to my first wife for 20 years.

Around our 17th year of marriage, I started searching for the “meaning of life” and commenced research into various religions such as Mariology (Catholicism), Buddhism and eventually the New Age (mysticism).

I eventually joined a spiritualist church where I became involved in spiritual healing. In one of these meetings, men and women sat in a circle on stools. The men would pair off with men and the women likewise. One would stand in front of the one seated and pray over their aura. When I did this to a man, my mouth tingled and eventually became numb.

When I moved around his back and passed my hand towards his lower back, I felt this steady flow of warm air being emitted from his body (a chakra point) hitting the palm of my hand. I could not believe this!

Being the engineer that I am, I hit the Reset button in this and re-commenced the process — and again, there was this flow of warm air — STILL hitting my hand! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

My search for Jesus:

After sharing this with my wife and mother, they collaborated to get me out of that church; so I asked the minister what I should do. She told me to go home and read the Bible – starting at the Book of John and to read all of Jude. Then go to Genesis and read all of the Old Testament that included Matthew, Mark and Luke. I was then to finish off at the Book of Revelation. This is the perfect way to read the Bible the first time.

After doing this for a year where I completed reading the entire Bible, I felt I had achieved very little. What I didn’t know was that for the previous 3 years, I had been “STRIVING” to enter into God’s kingdom—and God wanted me in more than Satan did.


It was around this time that my (loving) wife of 20-years began to change towards me. She became quite angry and aggressive for no reason. I suggested she do a blood test to see if her hormones (change of life) might be the problem, but all was okay.

Long story short, about 6-months later (after I had fought in every way to save our marriage) she walked out on me – taking our two teenage children with her (aged 17 and 15) – all three of them never to be seen again (except in the Family Court).

My new life in Christ

After having my two children say to me they never wanted to see me again (without being able to provide me with ANY reason to justify their attitude) I had to decide whether I wanted to pursue them OR to pursue God. I chose God and Jesus, and this turned out to be the best choice ever!

Now living alone (with my dog) I was able to locate a small Pentecostal church group who really fed me with the spiritual food I was seeking. Another long story.

After about 18-months, I had to leave the group, so I moved to another (much larger) Pentecostal church. There were many spiritual people in that church – and I was later to discover that a core group of them were Satanists posing as Christians.

It was here that I met my second wife—a claimed ”born-again”, Bible-believing, tongue-speaking’ Christian.

Life with my second wife

We married some 2+ years after my first wife left me. The marriage started out okay initially, but as time progressed the relationship between us broke down. After 20-months, she forced me out of my home of some 25-years, where I became homeless. I was later to find out that she was a Satanist too! All of this was a huge educational (and expensive) experience for me back then.

In summary, where my first wife stole my children and my money from me; my second wife stole my home and everything else in it.

My new life with Mum

It was at this time I resigned my career job and left the State of Western Australia and headed home interstate to live with my elderly mother. I arrived in my 12-year old car together with $1,500 in my pocket — and no job. This was the lowest point I had ever experienced in my life.

Nevertheless, the Lord found me interesting and well-paid contract work. When I was between contracts, I spent my time on the streets of Melbourne Australia evangelising the passers-by. It was great period in my life where the Lord taught me many things about my spiritual “walk” with Him on the streets that I could never have learned elsewhere.

My new wife – a marriage made in Heaven

Some 6-years after moving back home to Mum, I met and eventually married my third wife — a true woman of God. She had been married previously and had three adult children. She had been living on her own for 17-years. As we both loved studying the Bible, it seemed (and later) proven that this marriage was made in Heaven. We are about to celebrate our 20th year of a very happy marriage. Praise the Lord!

Since we married, my wife and I have visited and attended numerous churches (for varying periods of time) to see if they preached “SOUND DOCTRINE” or whether they were there simply there to provide entertainment for the attendees.

Sadly, we discovered that a compromised ‘gospel’ message was often preached. It was because of this that we haven’t been attending any church for several years.

Christian entertainment

My ‘Job Experience’

I consider that the losses I suffered back 30+years ago of my wife, two children and two houses resembled (in part) similar losses that Job experienced in Job 1:13-22.

My ‘Joel Experience’

I regard my third marriage; my wife’s three children and our five grandchildren – together with the two houses I have since owned as the Lord restoring to me “…the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.” (Joel 2:25).

My online ministries

In 2010, I established a website named www.christianspiritwalk.com (that no longer exists), which aimed to highlight to Christians that (spiritually), they should NOT be “walking in the flesh” (meaning, a ‘religious’ lifestyle) BUT “walking in the Spirit” according to Romans 8:1 (KJV).

After that website had reached its Use-By-Date, I then created another website titled “MyGospel.info”.

Jesus had shown me that many Christians were believing the very simple ‘gospel’ of INITIAL SALVATION that is based upon FAITH ONLY (not of works lest any man should boast) that refers to Ephesians 2:8-9; while the same people omit the following verse that says:

For we are his workmanship, CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS UNTO GOOD WORKS, which God hath before ordained THAT WE SHOULD WALK IN THEM.” (Ephesians 2:10)

From this, Jesus has shown me that Christians are NOT OBEYING the True Gospel (which requires “WORKS”), but instead prefer to remain stagnant in their spiritual life with their false gospel of Once Saved, Always Saved (or Eternal Security).

"But THEY [today's Christians] have NOT ALL OBEYED THE GOSPEL. For Esaias [Isaiah] saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?" (Romans 10:16) 

Yes, the TRUE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ must be OBEYED if one is to inherit eternal life with Jesus Christ. No “obedience” to it means NO SALVATION!

Spiritual growth in Christians similar to plant growth

Jesus has also shown me that as the “seed’ of a fruit-producing plant continues to mature and grow, ultimately it produces “FRUIT” + “SEED” so that people can eat the fruit produced by its branches, and the seed can help the plant reproduce more of its own kind.

Similarly, God expects Christians to grow (spiritually) in the same manner as a fruit-producing tree.

Plant growth and spiritual growth
Plant growth and spiritual growth

Naturally, if each Christian fails to produce any of the required (spiritual) “FRUIT” unto God, such Christians will have NO Salvation.

I [Jesus] am THE TRUE VINE , and my Father is the husbandman. 2 Every branch [or Christian] in me THAT BEARETH NOT FRUIT HE [God the Father] TAKETH AWAY [from Christ through pruning]: and EVERY BRANCH THAT BEARETH [spiritual] FRUIT [souls won out of Satan’s kingdom into God’s kingdom], HE PURGETH [or prunes] IT [back], that it may bring forth MORE FRUIT...6 If a [Christian] man ABIDE NOT IN ME [because he prefers to believe a false gospel], HE IS CAST FORTH AS A [fruitless] BRANCH, and is [become spiritually] WITHERED [i.e. dry; meaningless, deceived]; and MEN [or angels – much later] GATHER THEM, AND CAST THEM INTO THE [Lake of] FIRE, and THEY ARE BURNED [throughout eternity – Isaiah 66:23-24].” 

God requires every ‘Christian’ to mature spiritually through the following stages of development – or, spiritual growth:

The image describes the eight stages of Initial and Final Salvation that are necessary for Salvation
The Eight Stages of Christian Salvation

Please check out my website blog pages to learn more about Initial and Final Salvation and the Eight Stages of Biblical Salvation that I believe represent the Apostle Paul’s Gospel.

Please take the time to listen more deeply about some of my experiences in the spiritualist church I attended that ultimately led me to having my ‘born-again’ experience. You can hear this in a recent podcast titled My Testimony – How I became a “New Creature in Christ”.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions – https://mygospel.info/contact-form/

Please visit my other sources (below) of information about Bible topics.

Website: https://mygospel.info
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@mygospel
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