My Gospel blog aims to challenge Christians in the ways they think about Jesus and His words. It is aimed to help them determine whether they have believed the ONLY Gospel message that “saves” (after one dies). Alternatively, do Christians prefer to believe one of the many false gospels that will not save their soul after they die (Galatians 1:6-7)?

The challenge presented here also aims to encourage those who love Christ and want to become like the Bereans who have “searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11).

Faith's great challenge
Putting one’s faith into action

The incident that motivated me to write this blog

I met a Christian man who challenged my beliefs some time ago — but when he said that no Christian in the world would agree withMy Gospel, this made me really stop and think.

So, I decided to share ‘My Gospel‘ (or what I believe is ‘Paul’s Gospel’ – Rom 2:16) with as many Christians as I can to challenge their views. In this, my desire is to determine whether they consider their views of what ‘My Gospel’ that I am presenting is false or not. I am doing this simply to PROVE what is the ‘True Gospel’ (1 Thes 5:21).

I am reasonably convinced that ‘My Gospel‘ is the one true Gospel because it requires the Conditions associated with it to be “obeyed” (Rom 10:16).

In contrast to this, I have found that most other ‘gospels’ are false gospels (2 Cor 11:4; Gal 1:6) because they negate the need for Christians to obey Christ’s commands (John 14:15) and the need for Christians to undertake any of the required “works‘ (James 2:26; John 14:12) that bring forth the required “fruit” God requires to see evident (John 15:1-8) in His “sons of God” on Earth (1 John 3:1-2).

Are you up to the Challenge?

To help me to prove whether “My Gospel” is true or false, I invite any Bible-believing Christian to challenge me by describing to me where he or she believes ‘My Gospel‘ is wrong.

I am offering Christians USD $1,000 to meet the challenge!

Send me an email through my Contact page to register your interest, and please include;

    • A synopsis of yourself;
    • List the churches you have attended in the past and which you currently attend;
    • Include some links to any YouTube videos and articles you may have produced;
    • Supply an email address and a telephone number for contact.

Once received and your application has been accepted, I will respond by:

    • Requesting your bank account details;
    • Extend and invitation for you to submit a rebuttal to all the claims contained in the posts listed below;
    • Once the rebuttal is received, the payment to you will be arranged.

The pages and posts that require a detailed rebuttal are as follows:

I will publish each rebuttal on this blog for others to consider. From this, my readers will be able to decide for themselves whether the evidence from the issues raised in the rebuttal harmonize with scripture or not.

If I receive enough rebuttals and reader comments, these together may be used to produce a book for later publication — however, this is not the prime purpose of the Challenge.

My sole aim is to discover what the True Gospel is from among the broader Christian community. Individual Christian’s comments together with theologian’s comments will help me determine this.

Blessings everyone.

Alan Manson
A Disciple of Jesus Christ

Ministries invited to comment about Initial and Final Salvation

In the attached document (download) is a list of 203 ministries that have been contacted during the period May 2019 and April 2024. The purpose for doing so was to request an opinion on this doctrine. ALL of these ministries listed have failed to respond to my request.

In fact, almost all ministries have preferred to remain silent. Such ‘silence’ from these people indicates that retaining their ministry’s current beliefs (of Once Saved, Always Saved) is far more important than that of seeking the TRUTH. This indicates they do not want to know the ONLY Gospel message that saves Christians from spending eternity in Hell. This also indicates they prefer to spread a false gospel message (2 Peter 2:1).

The following prominent names have been extracted from the downloadable list below. This is to highlight the individual’s preference for lies rather than truth.

It must also be remembered that each of these ministries had the chance of obtaining $1,000 USD to produce a rebuttal to my claims. Naturally, the offer still remains open to anyone meeting the criteria listed above.

Prominent ministry names contacted

Ministry NameMinisterContact Means
Hal LindsayHal Lindsayqu*******@ha********.com
Daily JotBill Wilsonbi**@da******.org
Cutting Edge MinistriesDavid Baydb**@cu*********.org
Get A Life MediaBilly Crone
Olive Tree ViewsJan Markellja*@ol************.org
Desiring GodJohn PiperAs***********@de*********.org
Stone Briar Community ChurchChuck Swindollin**@st********.org
Turning PointDr. David Jeremiahin**@da***********.org
Intouch MinistriesCharles Stanleypa**************@in*****.org
Lamb Lion MinistriesDr. David Reaganla******@la******.com
Celestial ReportCeleste SolumCe*************@Pr********.com
The Economic Collapse BlogMichael SnyderTheEconomicCollapseBlog
The Commonsense ShowDave Hodgeshttps://thecommonsenseshow
Dana AshlieDana Ashlieda********@ya***.com
Christian Today – Blog
Worldview WeekendBrannon Howsein**@wo**************.com
I Am A Watchman Ministryin**@ia**********.com
Vaccine Impact NewsBrian Shillhavy
The HarbingerJonathan Cahn
Terry James ProphecylineTerry James
Dr. Lorraine DayLorraine Day
Discover MinistriesSteve Cicciolanti
Wanda Alger MinistriesWanda Algerwa********@gm***.com
Wisdom CallsDana Crosbyda**@cr***********.com
Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural!Sid Roth
Charisma Magazine
Michael McDowell MinistriesMichael McDowellmi***********************@gm***.com
Fire Power MinistryDr. Stella Immanuel
Bible Baptist PublicationsJames L Melton
Alicia Childers Alicia Childers
Stew Peters ShowStew Petersst********@pr********.com
Calling All ChristiansNon name
Discover MinistriesSteve Cioccolanti
Wicked ShepherdsKen Casciowe*******@wi*************.com
Liberty Fellowship ChurchPs. Chuck Baldwinof****@ch**************.com
DLM Christian LifestyleDaniel Maritzsu*****@dl********************.com
The Celestial ReportCeleste Solumce*****@ce*************.com
Christian Patriot NewsPastor John and EricaCP*********@pr********.com and
Hal Lindsey ReportHal Lindsey
Andy Woods MinistriesAndy Woods
Todd Coconato MinistriesTodd Coconato
Julie Green MinistriesJulie Green
Dont Perish dot comJim and Debbie Polonekdo********@ou*****.com
The Karen Kingston ReportKaren Kingston
Prophecy HouseTim Cohenco*****@pr***********.com
A Voice in the DesertDavid McKay
(Cult leader)
Mark Henry MinistriesMark Henryma*****************@gm***.com
Angus Buchan
The Christian PostEditorin**@ch***********.com
Australia For JesusTony McLennonto**@af*.au
Christian PostLeah Klettle********@ch***********.com
Sugar Land Bible Church (Tx)Dr. Andy Woodsof****@sl**.org
Worldview WeekendBrannon Howsein**@wo**************.com
Truthtime RadioTrey Searcy
Rick Renner MinistriesRick Renner re****@re****.org
The Bible Society UKco*******@bi**********.uk
Sons of Liberty MediaBradlee Deanin**@so****************.com
Stop World ControlDavid Sorenson
Real Life with Jack HibbsJack Hibbsma**@ja*******.com
The Paul McGuire ReportPaul McGuirePa**@Pa*********.us
Truth & Liberty CoalitionAndrew Wommac
Only by Grace MinistriesKen Leggke*@ke*****.au
Last updated: 20th April 2024


6 Replies to “Challenge”

  1. Alan, I was pleasantly surprised to read your comments about initial and final salvation. Growing up Baptist, I was taught that what you term as initial salvation was, in fact, the only salvation needed. All the final salvation verses were, unfortunately, misunderstood and, therefore, ignored.

    Though my interpretation of the ‘fruits’ God is looking for varies slightly from your interpretation, I do commend your overall view of salvation being divided into initial and final salvation.

    I would have liked for you to have included in your contact list those churches that existed before the Reformation, especially since they all agree with your general view of initial and final salvation.

    I also believe there are many valuable things to be learned from the writings of the very early Christians, especially those were received their teaching from the Apostles themselves. Men like Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp and, one of Ignatius’ disciples, Irenaeus of Lyon. If you have not read the writings of these men, I highly recommend them. They can be easily Googled. While many folks today look only to modern commentators to help them better understand Scripture, I look also to these men whom I consider my ‘go to guys’ so to speak to help me better understand what can often be difficult or confusing in Scripture. I have come to believe that is a big reason there are now some 35,000 separate Protestant denominations and counting.

    God bless you in you journey, Bill

    1. Dear Bill,

      Thank you so much for your comments about Initial and Final Salvation, as they are very much appreciated.

      Many years ago, I looked at the ancient writers that you referred to, but did not discover much about them encouraging each believer to seek out what unique ‘member’ Christ wanted them to be in His spiritual body of believers on the Earth. Also, I did not discover any of those writers promoting the required spiritual gifts being evident for Christians to properly function in those ministries within Christ’s spiritual body of believers – so I stopped looking for the ‘wisdom’ I was seeking in those writers.

      It was my thirst for THE TRUTH of the MYSTERY OF THE GOSPEL that led me to what I have revealed about Initial and Final Salvation on my blog.

      I believe that Jesus has more to reveal about this, but He desires that more members of His spiritual body on the Earth join together in UNITY (aka oneness – John 17:11); HOLINESS (without which no Christian will see the Lord – Heb 12:14); A LOVE OF THE TRUTH (the prime evidence of the Holy Spirit indwelling God’s people – 2 Thes 2:10); and can (as “good soldiers of Jesus Christ working together with Christ in Heaven” – 2 Tim 2:3) destroy the works of the Devil – 1 John 3:8.

      The time about theological discussions is now past. The time for spiritual action is NOW, because the time is fast approaching when the spiritual darkness will become so great that “no Christian can work in God’s kingdom”:

      “…the night cometh, when no man can work.” – Jesus speaking John 9:4.

      This is because Satan’s son (The Antichrist) is establishing his kingdom on Earth while Christ is preparing His people for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Only those who meet the Apostle Paul’s gospel terms (My Gospel – Rom 2:16) will be with Christ at that marriage.

      If you would like more discussion about this Bill, please send me a reply.

      Blessings brother!

  2. D/sir, Alan Manson, I am happy to find you as disciple of Jesus christ.I want to see people become disciple of Jesus.

    1. Hello Dina,

      I am very pleased you have found me to be a true Disciple of Jesus Christ. That is how every Christian should portray themselves to be.

      How do you think you could assist me to help “people become disciple of Jesus”? Blessings!

      1. D/Alan Manson,
        I am also trying to be a disciple of Jesus.what I think is, if Jesus is our master we should become like our master.If people will understand this, then there will be more in number.

        1. Dear ‘Anonymous’ – yes, you are correct in your statement. In this, Jesus said:

          “The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.” (Luke 6:40)


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