My Gospel blog aims to challenge Christians in the ways they think about Jesus and His words. It is aimed to help them determine whether they have believed the ONLY Gospel message that “saves” or one of the many false gospels that will not save (Gal 1:6-7).

The challenge presented here also aims to encourage those who love Christ and want to become like the Bereans who “searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11).

Faith's great challenge
Putting one’s faith into action

The incident that motivated me to write this blog

I met a Christian man who challenged my beliefs — but when he said that no Christian in the world would agree withMy Gospel, this made me really stop and think.

So, I decided to share ‘My Gospel‘ (or what I believe is ‘Paul’s Gospel’) with as many Christians as I can to challenge their views. In this, I want to determine whether they consider their views of what ‘My Gospel’ I am presenting is false or not. I am doing this simply to determine what is the ‘True Gospel’.

I am looking forward to reading your views in your comments to help me in this project. To take up this challenge, please register now to be able to post comments on my posts.

I am reasonably convinced that ‘My Gospel‘ is the one true Gospel because it requires the Conditions associated with it to be “obeyed” (Rom 10:16). In contrast to this, I have found that most other ‘gospels’ are false gospels (2 Cor 11:4; Gal 1:6) because they negate the need to obey Christ’s commands (John 14:15) and the need to produce any “works‘ (James 2:26; John 14:12).

What do you think?

To help me to prove whether “My Gospel” is true or false, I invite prominent, well-credentialed theologians to challenge me as to where ‘My Gospel‘ is wrong.

To the 10 successful candidates from any theological entity, I am offering each individual the opportunity to earn US $1,000 to prove that their gospel is the True Gospel. All you have to do is submit a rebuttal to all the claims contained in the posts listed below .

The pages and posts involved are:

An invitation to Challenge

To register for this challenge, each applicant should first email me their interest through my Contact page.

I will then request details of the applicant’s theological education, together with his or her teaching and ministry experiences.

Once a rebuttal has been received, payment will be made.

I will publish each rebuttal on this blog for others to consider. My readers will be able to decide for themselves whether the evidence presented harmonizes with scripture. If I receive enough rebuttals and reader comments, then these together with any reader comments may be used to produce a book for later publication — however, this is not the prime purpose of the Challenge.

My sole aim is to discover what the True Gospel is among the Christian community. Individual Christian’s comments together with theologian’s comments will help me determine this.

Blessings everyone.

Alan Manson
A Disciple of Jesus Christ

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