God’s judgment and this world

Our God is a consuming fire
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God’s judgment upon the inhabitants of this world has happened throughout the history of mankind.

God’s judgment in ancient times

The Prophet Jeremiah identified society’s corruption in his day some 2,600-years ago. The Bible goes on to reveal how today’s corrupt world will parallel Jeremiah’s world back then. In Jeremiah’s day, the Bible reveals how God’s judgment came upon the world back then, as stated below:

An article (linked below) describes events that occurred in the days of Jeremiah the Prophet (circa 600 B.C.). Jeremiah foretold to the Jews and to foreign kings that God’s judgment was imminent.

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The Dietary Needs of Our ‘Inner Man’


Part 1 of the Spirit, Soul and the Body series examined the spiritual ‘organs’ God has provided to us within our “Inner Man“. This article examines how God has stated in scripture what the dietary needs of Our Inner man are and how we must care for him.

All living creatures on Earth that God has made require food to not only grow into maturity, but to prevent from dying.  This is because any shortage of food leads to starvation and death.  The same goes for the human soul, which needs an appropriate diet for our Inner Man to grow and to thrive:

“… but though OUR OUTWARD [physical] MAN perish [through ageing], yet THE INWARD [spiritual]  MAN is renewed day by day [by feeding upon God's words].”  (2 Cor 4:16)
That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in THE INNER MAN;”  (Eph 3:16)

Jesus Christ warned His people that they MUST “feed upon EVERY word of God” so as to prevent the starving of their ‘Inner Man’:

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Fake Preachers Preach Fake Gospels

Fake Preacher

If you are a Christian, you should be aware that fake preachers preach fake gospels that cannot save a soul from anything.

When the first Christians commenced spreading the True Gospel of Jesus Christ among the gentile nations, the Apostle Paul ultimately termed it “My Gospel” as stated in Rom 2:16 and Rom 16:25. This is because Paul’s Gospel contained a “mystery” (Eph 6:19) and that his Gospel had to be “obeyed” (Rom 10:16).

Paul ultimately concluded that it would be “his Gospel” used by Jesus Christ to judge Christians at ‘The Judgment’:

"In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ ACCORDING TO MY GOSPEL."  (Romans 2:16)
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Do you believe the One True Gospel?

Street Preacher

In the article ‘Are Only FEW Christians Saved“, it showed how the Bible reveals that only a “FEW” of God’s people have been ‘saved’ throughout the history of the Earth. The analysis that follows illustrates that only a FEW of today’s Christians will be saved from spending eternity in Hell.

Christians must accept that there are many ‘gospels’ being preached in the churches today that cannot Save! This article helps Christians to determine if the ‘gospel’ they have believed is the ONE True Gospel or one of many false gospels.

Characteristics of the One True Gospel

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PROOF that MOST Christians are NOT SAVED!

PROOF that MOST Christians are NOT SAVED

An advertising campaign I ran some time ago using Google ads produced statistical proof that most Christians are not Saved!

To illustrate that this situation has been a pattern of God’s people throughout millennia, the Bible reveals that in the days of Noah (Luke 17:26-27) it was only Noah and his seven other family members who were saved from that world-wide flood.  If it is assumed that there were 1 billion people on the Earth at the time, this means that the percentage saved would be 0.0000008%.

Similarly, ALL of the inhabitants of the cities associated with Sodom and Gomorrah perished in the fire and brimstone that rained down upon them from Heaven — but it was only Lot and his two daughters who were saved from that catastrophe (Gen 19:24; 30).  Again, it was a very tiny percentage of people who were ‘finally Saved’ from God’s judgments.

Often the Bible talks about a “remnant” of God’s people that were saved (rather than a multitude) as can be seen in these the Bible references (Rom 9:27; 2 Kings 19:30-31; Ezra 9:8; Isa 1:9; 10:21-22; 11:16).

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The New Birth

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Many preachers claim that if an unsaved person accepts Christ as their Savior, they have experienced the New Birth, or “born again”. However, can such a claim be justified in scripture?

I question this because of my own ‘New Birth’ experience (John 3:8). What happened at this time was that God placed a “new heart” within me (Ezek 36:26). This experience allowed me to “see” the state of God’s kingdom inside the churches, which to me was horrific.

Let me explain.

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The Wise and Foolish Virgins

The Bible contains many truths in the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins that preachers prefer to ignore. It is because of this that many Foolish Christians will be left-behind after the Rapture.

This article looks at what each of the symbols represent in this parable. This is to allow Christians to appreciate how significant this message from Jesus is. It represents a warning that highlights what events will take place leading up to the (Pre-Trib) Rapture.

Are “FEW” or MANY “Virgins” saved at the Rapture?

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