My Podcast Interview with Rylee Soloman

This page hosts my podcast interview with Rylee Soloman, which was aired recently on Listen Notes.

During her spiritual journey through life, Rylee became interested in the spiritual aspects of what the Bible teaches. She is seeking to understand how God desires to interact with humans (as spiritual beings). She is also seeking to understand how people can develop a personal relationship with Jesus, as stated in John 10:27.

Rylee’s podcast is titled, ‘The Rylee June Show‘.

Rylee’s Come Back Experience Podcast is a faith led life development podcast. It focuses on identifying the root of people’s anxiety and how to shift their mindset, behaviours and discipline. This strategy is needed to build on people’s self awareness in order to live a Holy Spirit led life. Such thriving and serving God at the centre of all one does is her aim. Her podcasts offer a behavioural psychology approach to personal development. When paired with scripture, this helps people to grow in God’s truth as they rise above anxiety and life towards a more healthier, peaceful life in Christ.

Rylee June Show - Listening on Audible

The podcast below was aired on Monday 4th September 2023. During this interview, Rylee asked me questions as to what it means to be “Born-again“—from a Biblical perspective.

Rylee’s website is located at Her podcasts can be heard on Listen Notes, along with several other podcast platforms.

For more information on what it means to be “Born-again“, please read this article titled, ‘The New Birth‘.


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