Do you believe the One True Gospel?

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There are many ‘gospels’ being preached in the churches today that cannot Save! This article helps Christians to determine if the ‘gospel’ they have believed is the ONE True Gospel or one of many false gospels.

Characteristics of the One True Gospel

Firstly, there is ONLY One True Gospel that is able to save people from spending eternity in Hell – and that is the Apostle’ Paul’s Gospel that he referred to as “My Gospel”. 

The key characteristics about Paul’s Gospel are these:

  • Paul’s Gospel contains a “mystery”.  Every truly born-again Christian should understand what this “mystery” is and be able to share it with others. 

    Sadly, most Christians today don’t want to even talk about this requirement.  Instead, they believe their ‘preferred gospel’ rather than look for the ONE True Gospel.

  • Paul’s Gospel MUST be “obeyed”. 

    All modern ‘gospels’ require people to hear and believe that they are Saved.  Nothing else is required except maybe water baptism (Mark 16:16) Therefore, such preaching omits the need for any “obedience” to the One True Gospel, making such Christians “disobedient” towards God.

    Most modern false gospels also condemn the need for any “works” being necessary to secure Salvation.  Such claims are a lie if we use the Bible as our reference.
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