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This webpage is presented to help visitors appreciate the two eBooks written by the website’s author to enable them to appreciate the trials and hardships I have experienced – and what Jesus has shown me theologically.

My first eBook ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide Through the Churches‘ was written under the pseudonym of David Manalan.’ This name was chosen because I did not want to identify the behaviour of any individual I had encountered in the many churches I had attended. As two decades have passed since then, I now feel it is appropriate to publicise this eBook.

The second eBook ‘The Christian’s Practical Guide to Walking in the Spirit‘ was written to help Christians appreciate that their new life in Christ is a spiritual journey.

Unless Christians commence “walking in the Spirit” (Rom 8:1, 8:4; Gal 5:16, 5:25) and successfully complete “the race that is set before each of us” (Heb 12:1) so as to attain the “the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:14), they have NO Salvation.

eBook #1 – The Hitchhiker’s Guide Through the Churches

Some ten years after my first encounter with Jesus Christ (of experiencing being ‘born-again’), I wrote and published this eBook.

The book exposes the corruption I encountered in the many churches I attended. It reveals the double standards (i.e. hypocrisy) that many Christians exhibited towards me.


This book is a true-life story of my ‘spiritual journey’ through 20 different churches in the:

  • Anglican
  • Apostolic-Nazarene
  • Baptist
  • Brethren
  • Charismatic (AOG)
  • Churches of Christ
  • Methodist
  • Pentecostal
  • Presbyterian and
  • Uniting Churches of Australia

My journey confirmed Acts 20:29-31, where the Apostle Paul warned his people that “…after his departing, grievous wolves would enter in among the churches and would not spare the flock from attack”.

Paul also warned that false Christians would arise, speaking perverse things that contradicted scripture. This happens for the purpose of drawing away disciples after themselves.

The Apostle Paul ceased not to warn every one (night and day with tears) about the degrees of apostasy the churches would arrive at after his death.

In this aspect of my journey, I proved the words of Paul to be entirely accurate. This book documents the many encounters I had with those who have fulfilled Paul’s words.

My initial desire while on this spiritual journey was to locate God’s people who were:

  • the Salt of the Earth (Matt 5:13)
  • the Light of the World (Matt 5:14)
  • the Wheat (Matt 3:12)
  • the Sheep who hear Jesus’ voice (John 10:27)
  • those who take up their cross that Christ has waiting for them (Matt 16:24)
  • those who follow Christ (Matt 10:38)

and to join with them in the spreading of the Gospel. Instead of finding God’s people in the churches, my search uncovered mostly the Tares (or ‘weeds’- Matt 13:30, 38-40) and Grievous Wolves (Acts 20:29), with a few beautiful exceptions.

I determined such people existed from the heresies I encountered.

One false belief commonly encountered is the ‘Once Saved, Always Saved’ doctrine, that accompanied the rejection and persecution I suffered from those in leadership and from others who resisted the scripture verses I quoted.

My search also uncovered Biblically-banned practices being promoted in some churches. These were Necromancy (communication with the dead) and the Pro-abortion agenda. Both of these topics demonstrate the level of apostasy today’s ‘End-time Church’ has degenerated into.

Throughout my journey, I have used my ‘spiritual map’ (the King James Bible) together with my ‘personal guide’ (the Holy Spirit) to help me ‘navigate’ my way through the churches to where I am today.

I have devised a Biblically-based illustration that depicts what the spiritual structure of Christ’s Church should represent. The diagram can be used by the reader to help determine if the church they attend has been established in accordance with this model.

The book also reveals a range of heresies and practices that enable the reader to undertake a self-analysis of their own beliefs.

eBook #2 – The Christian’s Practical Guide to Walking in the Spirit

This book (now only available as an eBook) was created to help Christians appreciate that simply attending church or embracing a set of religious beliefs was insufficient to gain eternal life.


God says in the Bible that if Christians are not “walking in the Spirit”, they are “walking in the flesh” (Rom 8:1 – KJV). This means they have accepted a form of ‘religion’ rather than reading, believing and obeying God’s words IN FAITH!

God also says that Christians who are “walking in the flesh” are considered to be an enemy of His (Rom 8:5-8 – KJV).

This eBook describes how the spirit world around us functions and how the spiritual “organs” we each possess interact together. It is from this knowledge we understand how our body functions in both the physical and in the spiritual realms.

Once this knowledge is gained, Christians should then be able to “walk in the spirit” so as to please God and NOT ‘man’ (Gal 1:10).

Throughout the book, scripture verses are regularly quoted to support the claims being made. This is so a Bible scholar as well as a novice can truly grasp the practical meaning of Christian spirituality.

Walking in the Spirit is essential reading for any Christian seeking to better understand the Bible; their own spirituality, and from that point onwards – to develop a closer relationship with God.

To emphasize this point, Jesus said: “It is THE SPIRIT that quickeneth [or gives ‘life’]; THE FLESH profiteth nothing: THE WORDS that I speak unto you, THEY ARE SPIRIT, And THEY ARE [eternal] LIFE.” (John 6:63 – KJV)

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